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Enchanting Cadence - Naughty Stories for Adults

Hey, welcome to enchanting cadence. I'm still putting the finishing touches on things around here so there's still some content missing but it should bhere soon.

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  • Gallery - all sorts of random naughty drawings, some more finished than others
  • Sketchbook - old school.. pencil / pen + paper
Pleasing the Queen

About Enchanting Cadence

en·chant·ing [enˈCHan(t)iNG]
delightfully mesmerising charming or highly attractive.
ca·dence [ˈkādns]
a modulation or inflection of the voice as one approaches orgasm.

Hi there, Disobedient Pens here (you can call me Pens) and welcome to enchanting cadence where I post the adult content I create. It's got a tendency towards fun kink and bdsm, generally with MF, MMF, MFF, FF, coupling, maybe some elves and aliens too. (But no scat, blood or straight up violence).

You can see a good portion of the content absolutely for free and I really hope you enjoy it. You'll notice little [Partreon Only] content tags scattered throughout the site and if you want to go support me on Patreon you can come back here and click the 'Login With Patreon' at the top and they'll magically be replaced with extra content!

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I really hope you want to come along on this ride with me.

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